MarineVerse Cup

Standard Daily Race in Sydney: August 02, 2020

Top 10 on Aug 2nd:

# name time pts
1. redfive410 351.12s 8
2. mind-storm 366.38s +15.26s 7
3. Wild Willy 371.69s +20.57s 6
4. Sausewind 373.95s +22.83s 5
5. TheTempest 382.75s +31.62s 4
6. Spuds 389.65s +38.53s 3
7. CapnMike 405.16s +54.04s 2
8. Slippery Lobster 431.08s +79.96s 1
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Other attempts:

# name time
1. redfive410 380.97s +29.85s
2. CapnMike 434.94s +83.81s
💡 Sailors get up to two attempts in the Daily Race.
The latest race entry is used for the leaderboard.

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Howdy! Welcome to MarineVerse Cup Race in Sydney on August 2nd of 2020.. Sailing instructions. Racing markers order: 1, 3, 1, 3... Racing News: Yesterday's race was won by Justin representing Canada.. There were 5 other sailors racing... Congratulations Justin!.. Good luck and ..Happy sailing!!!

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This race is part of Race Series:

Standard Weekly Race Series: Week 31 of 2020

Standard Monthly Race Series: August 2020

Summer Race Series 2020

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