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MarineVerse Cup

Standard Monthly Race Series: December 2020

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Top 10:

# name score
🏆 Butra 82.42
2. MarkK_ 80.93
3. Brento 71.60
4. bot3 65.30
5. Wild Willy 47.14
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Sailors with some, but not enough races to enter the series:
1 race to qualify: CohibaStyle Zor Freen

4 races to qualify: RManthey sailcali

7 races to qualify: Maxum

9 races to qualify: Fringan

10 races to qualify: RDRJR1969 RussianBlueCat

11 races to qualify: Webby ianrobertsonuk Cluffy

12 races to qualify: Nikky123a AndyBoris Taches Tom Hans-332 Magallanes DisasterRelief Jason Schnee Spastic1x Greg crispy71

13 races to qualify: D4nnythed0g StrangeCaptain Axeekl tleylan Crane Gala Leonova Mariano mark1070 Gremmel Roz89 Superstarhero CoyoteJayce JB Deej Jeff R

14 races to qualify: David_UK Culby Zazaal second_lap Puppeter16 Skippy Caspar VR Sailor Greg79 Martin Moyse Syntax Error Sailing Bo Standridge babyloos Dave B Levi mind-storm Rend Duggatronic John VR Sailor SR_ARCTICFOX colintd JustNoGravity maxoufifou Matt Conway Marc Tew Riftkev JDCarrero69 WCreefers SkipperTinu Anil ecoleau Tsyal JoseLuis Paweł Skiścim Vrsatoshi Nguyensthetics MikeH Geirhan

About the series

30 races to date..

82 competing sailors..

Start: 2020-12-01T06:00:00.000Z

End: 2020-12-31T06:00:00.000Z

by MarineVerse