Able Seaman Mike

Why MarineVerse?

When I was a teenager I sailed a bit with my uncle, and that passion for sailing has stayed with me over the years. For various reasons sailing was never something I could invest in, always something higher on the priority list. Now I'm looking at officially taking classes soon, and with the advancements in VR hardware, I thought a sailing simulator would be an excellent way have fun while practicing some basics when I can't make it to the lake. So far I'm loving VR Regatta.

Sailing experience:

I sailed freshwater lakes a bit with my uncle long ago, and a bit of boating and sailing with friends or taking "tour of the bay" rides when I get a chance. I've never lost the passion for gliding across the water, but I'm so very rusty on everything. I plan is to start taking some lessons in the spring of 2019.

VR Regatta race entries

Recent entries:

Daily race on Oct 11th 2018 - 121.95s

Daily race on Oct 11th 2018 - 140.60s

Daily race on Oct 8th 2018 - 139.60s

Daily race on Oct 8th 2018 - 156.08s