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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
fredlef Sailed a lot as a kid. 22 years in the navy - but submarines don't sail. Looks like a fun opportunity. 15 days ago
bustaheads Master Mariner. 17 days ago
colintd I was in Coast Guard Auxiliary for 15 years. My lady friend sailed the world for 15 years I had a sail boat for a year Victoria 18 days ago
DLC70 Lifelong Sailor in Keel Boats 19 days ago
RetiredMan did it as a teenager and loved it! 28 days ago
second_lap Living on Lake Ontario means you can only sail for half the year. I want to continue practicing all year long! Toronto about 2 months ago
CapnMike Using VR to gauge my interest in the real thing. Interest engaged. Burlington 4 months ago
Martin to have fun sailing... 5 months ago
Al I sail in real life 5 months ago
theorganguy Can't afford a boat. Can't swim. Get motionsick in VR anyways, so works out perfect! 5 months ago
Your pilot Simulator, interress how it work Lévis 6 months ago
SaltysailorC420 I sailed Club 420 for 6 years and this is the cheapest option to continue sailing Halifax 6 months ago
Cdawg Great platform to try out. Put on some nautical miles inland. Calgary 6 months ago
DeCartz I love sailing and I don’t own a sailboat....yet ;) 6 months ago
starship42 I enjoy real sailing and VR. 6 months ago
Willpocalypse I enjoyed sailing with my relatives growing up 6 months ago
Pony Express My hole life I have dreamt of sailing, Never been on a sailboat ever. I have lived on the Canadian West cost for a couple years but only walk by and dreamt. Have been on boats and have caption a couple house boats Inland lakes. But never harnessed the true power of the jib and main sail. Marineverse VR on my Quest On the Ranch able to walk around on my VR Sail boat “MIND BlOwInG”. This is the Cats pyjamas!!! Alberta 6 months ago
Petros42 I'm a sailor and love sailing, but can't always be on the water 6 months ago
Kowch32 Used to sail as a kid. 6 months ago
dom both 6 months ago

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