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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
Azzurro I like sailing about 6 hours ago
Taches I like Vr games. 13 days ago
manudom I am a sailor. I like women, I like wine Tarragona 15 days ago
Beren Aprender 6 months ago
Ordinary Seaman lehidi Que me gustan las dos. 6 months ago
Lluis IT engineer who's been sailing for many years 6 months ago
Marcterrassa I love the sea, sailing and whater sports, virtual reality is an opcion to sail every day with the best conditions Terrassa 7 months ago
Alex135 I love sailing 7 months ago
NandoGM Had a little experience sailing when I was a child and have a regret about not continuing with it. 7 months ago
Ordinary Seaman Lito I do work and produce experieces in XR and love sailing. I'm teacher in some business schools and I put your VR Regatta as an example of VR Training. But I had to reinstall everything in my computer, and I can not install VR regatta any more 8 months ago
Able Seaman Giurgi Lis I am interested in simulators on VR, I has played space sims a lot of times but never a boat simulator. It's so special feel the emotions of the race. When I was a kid my parents sent me to a summer camp with sailoring activities and this game transport me to those moments. about 1 year ago

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