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Name Why MarineVerse? City Joined
Henk I love the feeling of the force of the elements 2 months ago
Husqy I tried and found it relaxing 2 months ago
Kristiaan de jonge Tabitha 4 months ago
jackjuca racam i don't have a sailboat anymore Bad Nieuweschans 5 months ago
Conradtheapple Because I like sailing but due to the virus I can't do that 5 months ago
Petty Officer LindaDiva I am coming from a family who sailed a yacht on the lakes and to England and i was at age 14 Dutch female champion Windsurfing. Now living in Germany and not being able to sail anymore i sail in VR with my 80 year old mother like we used to in Holland for relaxing and entertaining especially during COVID time. Also my sister will join us soon. Virtual Reality has been part of my life for years being a designer/builder in Second Life and other VR worlds. 7 months ago
Mate mr Q THe tought of being able to practise in VR is really cool for me over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Mesopelagic I love to sail in VR. I am just getting the hang on it but I definetly love it allready almost 2 years ago

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