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chili9000 I took a sailing class at university but no longer live by the ocean 11 months ago
Dkhofstra We are sailors in Michigan and occasionally the Caribbean and Florida. This is a great way to get through the winter months! 11 months ago
Petty Officer Faaborgs I have enjoyed the tranquillity of being on the water. I found, to my surprise, that I very much enjoyed playing the VR game Catch & Release, and was looking for more time on the 'water'. Your games were the perfect fit. 11 months ago
Huron48750 I grew up on Lake Huron. I have been on boats/ canoes/ kayaks all my life but very little sailing, but not for lack of desire. I tried the Big Breezy Boat app and instantly fell in love with it. I purchased the VR regatta app and working my way through that. It's very relaxing and addicting to. Living on Lake Huron sailing is not an option for much of the year. 11 months ago
MarkV Both a technology marketing guy - and a marketing leader at Quantum Sails! 11 months ago
Petty Officer Aaron Sawyer I grew up sailing, and now I own a virtual reality bar in Chicago! :) 11 months ago
SilverAura I'm looking for more experiences in my VR headset. 11 months ago
Tr00p3r When I was at school I took sailing lessons on a local lake and did so for about a year. That experience has stayed with me and although I did not take up sailing extensively I have been out a few times over the years since but the cost has made it few and far between excursions. VR is amazing and has already fulfilled many dreams of mine and VR is (to steal a slogan) “as real as it gets” 12 months ago
Captain Iglo Sailing since I was 10 years old. Don't own a boat anymore, and don't have the time to take care of one. Virtual sailing seems like the best alternative. 12 months ago
Ordinary Seaman katsai In my youth I was interested in casual sailing and game fishing. As for VR I used to create simulators professionally 12 months ago
Dave I own a 31 foot Westerly Berwick and enjoy relaxing in VR sailing about 1 year ago
pixolio_de just started to learn real-life...and now also in VR about 1 year ago
Joshua_Crazy I live on an island about 1 year ago
Indict5 I've done a small amount of sailing in real life and this is great fun. about 1 year ago
maistro dj realitatea E o chestie foarte frumoasă about 1 year ago
robbyengland I don't have a real boat right now about 1 year ago
rimselis IT guy that is into sailing = winter with VR sailing about 1 year ago
MBarngrover I am a VR designed and developer, so I love trying new VR experiences and learning how others create experiences. I love ships and maritime history, so VR experiences that put me on water are a little extra interesting. about 1 year ago
Captain Cod Sailing and VR owner about 1 year ago
ParisTaillefer Took ocean sailing in college and loved it. about 1 year ago

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