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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Ordinary Seaman lehidi Que me gustan las dos. 6 months ago
nnicoll80 Fine tune skills even when I can’t be on the water. 6 months ago
Nebbish I love sailing 6 months ago
simraysir Interested in sailing and virtual reality :-) 6 months ago
Kona Cal31 Avid sailor cruising and racing 6 months ago
joshua_wilson149 try something differant 6 months ago
CrazyJerry I love to sail. I'm on a boat at least once a week from May through October, however Covid-19 has put a damper on our sailing and racing season. I've got to bide my time with you're awesome simulator. 6 months ago
Neva Always wanted to try sailing 6 months ago
David love sailing and games 6 months ago
Lluis IT engineer who's been sailing for many years 6 months ago
Kowch32 Used to sail as a kid. 6 months ago
Maebus00 I sail in real life 6 months ago
dom both 6 months ago
Phillip Looking into the idea of sailing one day with my own boat. 7 months ago
Shaun Wright Love both! 7 months ago
FloatingBob Hi, I love being on the water and my son introduced me to VR last year. So due to the current situation with C19 here we are. Our sailing club has just completed our first series on virtual regatta of which 11 players participated, Hopefully we will get more sailers on line as the series continue. 7 months ago
ChrisBurch I love sailing, and miss it during covid times! 7 months ago
Marcterrassa I love the sea, sailing and whater sports, virtual reality is an opcion to sail every day with the best conditions 7 months ago
SkywalkerRed5 Want to learn 7 months ago
Kegnation I was interested in it before the quarantine to see how developers were going to implement certain features and see how far they could take the virtual world and make it real. Now that we are isolated and there is no more sailing for a little while I need to stay on top of my training and since I got an oculus quest a couple months ago I wanted to see what I could find! 7 months ago

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