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Petty Officer JakDan I fly, drive and now sail in VR. All my games (sims) are now in VR, can't go back to pancake gaming. over 1 year ago
Mate DTraill I am primarily interested in flight simulation though I also drive trucks virtually. Since trying virtual reality I have quit playing on 2D entirely. The immersion is incomparable. I used to play European Ship sim and World ship sim but they do not have virtual reality compatibility. I saw Virtual Regatta when it was free but did not download it because I did not have the hand controllers at the time. Ah well it was well worth 15 bucks. over 1 year ago
Roy winters are long and cold over 1 year ago
PJRoos Gives us a chance to sail year round and with others in different places over 1 year ago
Skipper ChrisH Sailing in VR would make it more interesting as you get the feelng of more control over the boat over 1 year ago
Geoff It's potentially a great training tool for new sailors. It could be a learning step between the whiteboard and a boat. over 1 year ago
Skipper Morgan I've always wanted to sail a pirate ship, so.... over 1 year ago
Able Seaman Adriano I love VR and also sailing. VR allows me to sail when my ordinary life doesn't leave me time for going for the real thing over 1 year ago
Petty Officer PierreSWE Sailing is a relaxing sport as well as technically challenging. Perfect mix for me. over 1 year ago
Cal I'm a game developer and 3d artist. Started sailing sunfish at a summer camp, ended up competing in international tall ships racing. Now I teach sailing at a summer camp. over 1 year ago
Hector Barbossa Ever since I first sailed I have always wanted to do it again, however, I lack the funds to get started. Virtual reality has allowed me to have the same experience, without the cost. over 1 year ago
GordoTYG I am a Sailor and an IT guy. It's a very natural fit. over 1 year ago
Athena470 What a fun idea! over 1 year ago
Ordinary Seaman Wilson Sailor. Gamer. Gear geek. VR Regatta seems like a natural combo for me. I'm also hoping it might be an avenue to build a love of sailling for my kids, who have so far proved resistant. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer Ironbostik I am Italian, born near Naples, where maritime tradition is huge. I took sailing lessons when I was young, and worked as officer on cargo and cruise vessels. Unfortunately my career brought me to Switzerland where there is no sea, so virtual sailing is a good opportunity to relive my passions! over 1 year ago
Able Seaman DJZafa I love to sail naked over 1 year ago
kyle I'd love to help the sailing community grow, embrace new technology, and have something fun to do during dry season. over 1 year ago
Petty Officer SlimCash Sailing is very relaxing and VR is the latest, greatest in simulation over 1 year ago
Petty Officer ricksmoondance As a keen sailor without a boat the ability to sail from my study is really good. Especially the chance to race online against others over 1 year ago
Able Seaman krueger.freddy My sonst David wants to sail. over 1 year ago

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