MarineVerse enables more people to sail.

We want to promote and share the sport of sailing with the world. We are doing it by providing sailing education and entertainment using virtual reality technology.

We are building VR sailing applications for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Our flagship products are MarineVerse Cup, VR Regatta and Big Breezy Boat.


Learn cheaper and quicker. VR enables us to provide sailing training and education at your home. It's fun and engaging tool to reinforce what you are already learning on the water.

As a newbie, you can go at your own pace, focusing on a given subject for as long as necessary. On top of that, your instructor will be able to join you in the virtual world, if you need anything specific explained.

Advanced sailor? We can connect you with experts from around the world while VR offers unique learning environment. Fancy practicing use of rescue raft or distress flare? In VR, you can do that!


Make a good use of your VR hardware and have some fun.

Never sailed before? You will discover sailing while having a blast in VR. Go on adventures, compete with your friends and on the weekend, maybe visit your local sailing club to test your newly acquired skills.

Landlocked sailor? Sailing season is over? No sailing weather? In MarineVerse conditions are always right. Strap in your virtual reality headset and enjoy some relaxing sailing.

Our vision

Promoting sailing everyday by providing engaging interactive sailing experiences that motivate people to try the real sport.

Allowing senior sailors to stay connected to the sport and their sailing friends by providing accessible virtual sailing environment that provides ample social opportunities and facilitates rehabilitation.

When everyone is using virtual reality on a daily basis, we want MarineVerse to be a safe harbour, where you can meet like-minded people, sail together, socialize and learn, growing as a sailor. Your best adventures are yet to happen :-)

Our team

About MarineVerse

MarineVerse started in January 2016. The idea was first tossed around in Hobart, Tasmania. The team had a chance to see the yachts finshing Sydney to Hobart race and relax in a peaceful apartment in North Hobart. After long brainstormming session, the project officially started.

MarineVerse was founded in Melbourne, Australia and is now run by a truly global team. We are in Melbourne, San Francisco and Toronto.

About the team

Greg Dziemidowicz, CEO & Lead Developer

Greg grew up with sailing and technology. He started programming when he was 8 years old and joined a sailing club when he was 12. He spent last 6 years building IT systems in Poland, UK, Germany and Australia.

Olga Dziemidowicz, Lead Service Designer

Olga is a service designer with a degree in architecture. In 2014 she took part in the Founder Institute Incubator in Melbourne. She loves traveling and painting. She recently completed her first sailing course.

David Allan, Head of Partnerships

David grew up sailing around the Isle of Wight and the Northern French coast as a youngster, and continues to sail now on the Great Lakes of Canada. He has a Masters degree in 3D design and is passionate about how the merging of sailing and interactive design can promote a new era of virtual sailing.


Nate Salpeter, Chief Scientist / Sailing Master

Nate, an avid sailboat racer for many years, a VR enthusiast, and a PhD in computational fluid dynamics, Nate joined the MarineVerse team to help on a wide variety of fronts. When he isn't working on MarineVerse, Nate spends his time working on his farm and helping design nuclear reactors (seriously!).