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Australia IV KA16
Americas Cup 12m History
3 days ago
We love boating
3 days ago
Sailing is my passion. I own two sailboats and am confident in my skills.
4 days ago
Joe Dea
I love to sail and want to improve my skills and race.
5 days ago
Its a nice experience and gives a good vibe .
7 days ago
love the med
7 days ago
Keen sailor, keen to see if this helps hone skills when not sailing
8 days ago
Like them both
10 days ago
i like to sail.
10 days ago
Lockdown and being stuck at home!
11 days ago
Racing in VR!!!!!
12 days ago
long time sailor
15 days ago
Was in coast guard and really enjoy the water
15 days ago
Dr. Mike
I have a 34ft Catalina in Long beach CA
15 days ago
Daughter wants to learn how to sail.
18 days ago
First and seemingly only sailing simulator in VR - now I can practice sailing concepts (except knots ;) in my living room. Perhaps a navigation sim next?
19 days ago
Jeff Kerr
Enjoyed sailing many years ago.
19 days ago
Learning and testing
20 days ago
Steven Moses
I moved to the pacific Northwest 2 years ago and can't get a sailing boat. So the closest I can get is VR.
21 days ago
My husband and I do sailing in r/l and he wants me to be more hands on, so I thought by using this (MarineVerse), I should get more hands on, learn the proper turns and more sure of myself.
22 days ago

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