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graydo like sailing but live in central London about 10 hours ago
Able Seaman luigi1998 as for sailing, just the sailing community in general is really amazing. VR is just a way i can do some sailing whilst i am living away from any sailable areas. about 12 hours ago
Hal I love sailing and would like to sail while at home as well :) 1 day ago
Brian i Lived on a sailboat for 7 years 7 days ago
Sail full of Wind I have saild and I loved it very much 10 days ago
jonde99 long history of sailing 11 days ago
Craig I grew up in San Diego and this makes me miss the boating culture there! And being a techie person, I've always been into Virtual Reality since the days of beta testing the Virtuality system back in the early 1990s. 21 days ago
Horforia It looks like fun 24 days ago
Lyonbyte I’d like to use it with my quest 25 days ago
HeroChaoChan I like VR but I don't have money. 25 days ago
IAmPronto I love sailing in real life but I do not have a sailboat But I have a VR headset 27 days ago
Captain Ron Just bought a 55' custom made steel ketch cutter, 37 tons 28 days ago
Aaron I love the ocean, and I also love Vr. 29 days ago
PuddlePaddle Boats are perty. I like trains. Trains don't go in water. about 1 month ago
Kauphman Software engineer with focus in 3D graphics, continuing to enjoy 3D technology advancements with VR. Sailing has been of casual interest most of my life. Now getting further into it with a few years of small boat sailing (sloop) and RC sailing/racing. about 1 month ago
UKrob I sailed when I was a kid with my school and enjoyed it. To be able to rekindle this memory by sailing in VR is a great feeling. about 1 month ago
Garthuk I used to sail dinghy's at my local sailing club, I was also a keen Windsurfer for many years. I then I got married, bought a dog and had a child and it all stopped. VR gives me the the chance to experience it all again without leaving my house. about 1 month ago
SpencerA previous experience about 1 month ago
virtueron Tried VR Sailing about 1 month ago
Kaliforniz Well I live on a lake here in Greenhaven. I love sailing. about 1 month ago

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