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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Rufus Training and practice about 5 hours ago
fab the first 4 days ago
inglanger active sailer in Laser 5 days ago
SimonD I love Sailing but dont live too close to the sea so will be able to do anywahere 5 days ago
rfeineis I am into both VR and sailing, so this is very interesting. 6 days ago
pontel i love sailing 6 days ago
madhattermike42 loved sailing when I was a kid with my dad. he sold his boat, but I still have a love for sailing and don't have the money to buy one of my own 7 days ago
Johnb Tech and sailing....what’s not to like? 8 days ago
csainsbury practicing racing techniques 9 days ago
Arek I don't remember why I'm interested in sailing any more, I'm just a sailor. ;-) I got interested in 360 video few months ago, and VR. 9 days ago
Uziizu Curiosity about 1 month ago
Bogdan 84 Seeing other countries about 1 month ago
Mate donatomuci I cannot purchase a boat, so I can sail in virtual reality about 1 month ago
Ordinary Seaman Hydroplosion Practice, fun, exploration. about 2 months ago
Ordinary Seaman thegreatgar I went sailing once on a team building experience and enjoyed it. I love all tech and this seemed a great match up. about 2 months ago
HOldenburg As a tool for learning about 2 months ago
Chakulchimay Fun, pleasure... in one word: sailing about 2 months ago
fanfoz Looking towards retirement, love gadgets about 2 months ago
SolidHadriel I'm a boat owner (of a pontoon), and have always been curious to learn the ways of the free folk. I have the Oculus VR system and find VR fascinating and fun. 2 months ago
Jefropi Learning how to sail. 2 months ago

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