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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
SailorAdam Work and fun about 6 hours ago
Ely Whitley I love sailing about 21 hours ago
Aleksey O. I love sailing, cruising and songs of the wind :) And now in 2020 when world was hitted by covid pandemic and I have my boat far from me I've found this game for virtually touch the wind and sail :) about 24 hours ago
Zetar I like sailing and VR 3 days ago
Paweł Skiścim Because of Greg :) 4 days ago
Boompowzap Have a vr set and a day skipper license. Need windex staring experience. 5 days ago
Mate Hans-332 It seems to be the only VR-Sailing software for a Quest 2. And it should be good to bridge the "dark time" until the "real thing" can hopefully start again... ;-) 7 days ago
Kleinster Relaxing 11 days ago
Zach I sail 12 days ago
Nobu NN For teaching how to race to my kids. 12 days ago
optimus prime i just love sailing 19 days ago
jonny I wanted to see what Greg's game was like! Also I would like to learn to sail one day, I never get round to it. 21 days ago
second_lap Living on Lake Ontario means you can only sail for half the year. I want to continue practicing all year long! 22 days ago
Liviu I like boats and the idea of sailing. 24 days ago
Henk I love the feeling of the force of the elements 28 days ago
Skipper Cameron I have been daft about sailing for the past 35 years. I have a Laser and Eboat but need something to get my fix during the winter evenings. Looking forward to pitting against you all on the virtual water about 1 month ago
XXManz Seams like a cool experience about 1 month ago
Max Silverman I love the water, and I've always wanted to learn to sail... while I sail with the Sea Scouts in the warm weather, I want to improve my skills during the cold weather. about 1 month ago
Husqy I tried and found it relaxing about 1 month ago
Gita Girl Learning to sail and it’s amazing about 1 month ago

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