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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
manudom I am a sailor. I like women, I like wine 17 days ago
Marco Freschi WASZP class 17 days ago
fredlef Sailed a lot as a kid. 22 years in the navy - but submarines don't sail. Looks like a fun opportunity. 17 days ago
Pirat001 Heavily interested in both: VR and (real) sailing 18 days ago
ohiobigdog Fascination. 18 days ago
Edmond I'm interested in the way that virtual reality is going to be used a teaching aid 18 days ago
Spindrift Hobie 16 sailor Nothing like one in one out trapeze 18 days ago i like to sail 19 days ago
Chase I love it 19 days ago
prskier17 I sail and race a full size keel boat and also sail an RC sailboat. VR is going to be awesome! 19 days ago
taipak j'adore la voile mais ne peut plus en faire en réel 19 days ago
bustaheads Master Mariner. 19 days ago
Sailbote It's my favourite thing in the world. 20 days ago
Nezzz Taking the Day Skipper qualification, and also have an interest VR.. so the two things go together nicely.. 21 days ago
colintd I was in Coast Guard Auxiliary for 15 years. My lady friend sailed the world for 15 years I had a sail boat for a year 21 days ago
DLC70 Lifelong Sailor in Keel Boats 21 days ago
Plinio HERRERA No real boat here! 22 days ago
Judas I enjoy sailing, and just acquired a quest 2 22 days ago
Moogum Thinking of buying a waszp 23 days ago
Geirhan Used to sail when I lived in Sydney. Now that got the Quest 2 and found this sailing game, I just had to go back and experience the Sydney harbor again. 24 days ago

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