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Mate Oubaas I love boats. I have been around boats, and using boats since I was a very small child. Later on, I joined the Navy, and spent my entire adult life around various watercraft. Now, in retirement, boat building and boat design are among my hobbies. 4 months ago
vasodys No wind, boat or sea? No problem :) 4 months ago
Navekio done a two week course when in the army (1981) 4 months ago
cookieke sailing is super fun and in vr 2 super things combîd 4 months ago
mrchriz I like to relax in a nice environment. 4 months ago
mikochu It's another hobby I'd like to dip my tows in. 4 months ago
Ordinary Seaman MjStrwy I just want to hang out with friends and chat while racing and exploring. 4 months ago
CannedHeat I sail in my free time and just got my Oculus Quest. So why not combine both :) 4 months ago
Matt I've always been interested in sailing since I was a child and my dad had a power boat. I started in virtual reality by working at a virtual reality center for 10 years doing virtual factories and cars. 4 months ago
Mate Xake This game brings back those same feelings of being out on the open water when I was stationed in Japan training to be a coxswain. Always wanted to try sailing and these games might be the catalyst that finally gets me to it. The index is my first headset so I've been missing out for sure. 4 months ago
Ecotrent I fell in love with sailing 15 years ago on a trip to the Bahamas’s. I just received an oculus as a gift. 4 months ago
Przemo-c I love actual sailing and sailing in VR is fun. And there's very little risk of being swept of the boat ;] 4 months ago
Airdoo Co-worker has raced professionally. Able to get their feedback 4 months ago
Sparrow I have a sailboat of my own. It's nice to practice when I can't be on the water. 4 months ago
Echo007 Love the fact that you can experience so many different adventures without ever leaving your home. I’ve always wanted to sail and now, through the magic of virtual reality and YOU, I can! 4 months ago
Sensasian Always wanted to sail!! 4 months ago
Doc-Revelator Call me Ishmael. 4 months ago
Magic11 To have experiences that you can not have on a tradition console. 4 months ago
AlphaTech83 In 2004 I was stationed in Pensacola, FL. What made this so great is that I had family there and one of my uncles had two small catamaran sailboats (minicats) and taught me how to sail on the inner coastal waters of the Gulf. I loved every minute of it when I was able to get out there and sail. Now, living in Oklahoma, there aren't too many places where I can, nor do I have the time with two young children & one being special needs, to where I can just get out and go sailing. The realistic features that VR gives in my own home, gives me a chance to set sail and be able to relax without even having to leave the house. And to have a group to be able to share the same similar interests is just awesome! 4 months ago
Yonbear I have a radio control yacht and I thought this might help with my sailing abilities. 4 months ago

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