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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Reddognz Love sailing 3 months ago
Skeebo As an avid sailor and game developer actively involved in AR/VR dev - I know a great app when I see it. 3 months ago
Dan L I have a love of sailing, but due to the pandemic i am unable to get out 3 months ago
asarb I'm a sailor and a racer. E-scow is best boat 3 months ago
Skipper Andy I used to windsurf so I’ve an idea of the principles of sailing but I’ve never sailed in a yacht and that would interest me. I like VR because I enjoy new technology and VR is getting more popular. 3 months ago
Ian L. just for the fun of it !! 3 months ago
jzachary Uh. it's Sailing... 3 months ago
Stefan Speed timing etc 3 months ago
JoeyNuggz I've always loved sailing. It's just a different connection with the boat and the water. The roar of the wind when you catch a good gust and the excitement of being on the water fills my soul. Having this opportunity in VR is wonderful. I haven't done enough to learn to sail in the real world, but this has helped reignite my drive to do so. Thanks you! 3 months ago
CaptKJ It's fun! 3 months ago
Mylesahead I love sailing and I’ll take any chance to do more of it 3 months ago
Capn' Duck Real life sailing experience 3 months ago
Skipper Princess Fuzzy Saw an ad for a VR sailing contest with real money prizes, thought that was worth checking out at least. 4 months ago
Brandonhell The experience you get and the joy of the thrill. 4 months ago
Thekranz because it makes me relaxed 4 months ago
toolmantim28 I love the water and being land locked VR is a great way to begin to learn and experience the basics. 4 months ago
AttilaVarga2020 Mert sajnos láb problémám miatt nem tudok hódolni a hobbimnak. Így vírtuálisan teszem. Because unfortunately I can’t worship my hobby because of a foot problem. I do it virtually. 4 months ago
Kristiaan de jonge Tabitha 4 months ago
Supreme_Pizza I'm a sailor in real life, but sadly I can't spend more time on a boat, so sailing from home seems like a good option 4 months ago
nick its cool 4 months ago

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