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chrism I recently purchased an O'day 23 but am new to sailing. I have read several getting started books and have purchased some online training. The virtual reality environment seems like a great way to learn more. 10 months ago
Petty Officer Calum I have always had a modest interest in sailing and particularly Caribbean locations. This game transports me there. It's fantastic. I like being able to just potter about and or race competitively. 10 months ago
Petty Officer nihil Combining two interests and curiosity. 11 months ago
Able Seaman Lawson I use to sail Lasers and cruising sailboats, but I haven't for a couple years. With the release of VR, I think this is the perfect time to get back into sailing, virtually. 11 months ago
Rickster659 I’m a landlocked sailor in Arizona 11 months ago
scottshuke My fiance's uncle sails and suggested this as a good way for us to learn. Sailing has always seemed neat to me, but I like to sleep and be warm and dry, so VR is perfect. 11 months ago
auricom sailing and video gaming == my two biggest hobbies 11 months ago
Petty Officer racsnet its fun 11 months ago
Tradewinds Like to see how it could be used in teaching 11 months ago
Ordinary Seaman pat-trick Studying it for my MS. 11 months ago
Admiral Gam I’ve been sailing small boats since 2015 11 months ago
Alan32 Sailing in my home 11 months ago
Martin Burrows Keeping up with the technology. 11 months ago
Dale I plan to sail around the world with my wife after retirement. 11 months ago
skiwshy I can't afford a real ship, so VR sailing is all I got! 11 months ago
Michael i was windsurfer for manny yers 11 months ago
Able Seaman Sycholic Used to race and help Marshal virtual racing that was once broadcasted on ESPN2 from Second Life (about 7 years ago they did some physics changes that made it basically impossible now to do. We even employed most of the WRRS rulebook (with a few exceptions) 11 months ago
Argyle Used to sail when I was younger, and loved it. The ability to hop on the water for a few hours in the middle of winter is fantastic! 11 months ago
Kevin Looking for landlubber ways of learning sailing. Also working in the day time for a company making new sailing software: savvy navvy 11 months ago
Able Seaman ReDorDeD Have a Vive and interested in sailing, but a RL sailing novice. 11 months ago

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