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WantiiNG to aquire 40' Yatch MooRed iN The South China Sea... Yet not an Avid Sailer... have a crew yet preferred to be prepared myself...
about 3 hours ago
Always wanted to get into sailing but can't afford it also I live in a landlocked state.
2 days ago
Been a while since I sailed, I like VR simulations.
2 days ago
I love sailing. Owned sailboats on the Pacific and want to keep practicing
3 days ago
I love to boat and just don't have time anymore.
3 days ago
I want to learn to sail in real life too someday.
3 days ago
Jay Tee
I am a semi-new sailor looking to improve my skills
4 days ago
Want to learn
6 days ago
A friend introduced me to sailing, and I am now looking to get experience.
8 days ago
Want to learn the basics of sailing so that way I have an idea for when I apply it in real life.
9 days ago
I have been a sailor over 30 years -- dinghy, keelboat, RTB racing, cruising, mostly singlehanding. And I'm getting old and creaky, and reluctant to go out in the cold rainy season. So I'm intereste
11 days ago
William Woolston
I sail in real life and saw this as a nice fun thing to take my skills into
11 days ago
Learning! & fun
11 days ago
12 days ago
Always wanted to sail in real life, and I love VR.
12 days ago
lern and train yacht sailing
18 days ago
Dave Butler
Oculus quest
20 days ago
I'd buy a J22 and sail it out of Berkeley, but A) I'm lazy, and B) I don't like the idea of paying property tax on a piece of water I don't actually own. This is much cheaper, and I don't have to go
23 days ago
Always wanted to do it in real life. Especially racing, but job uses up a lot of time.
24 days ago
Captain Kat
Afraid of the water
25 days ago

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