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MaxTheSpy I am a competitive sailor for multihull sailboats such as trimarans and catamarans. 28 days ago
RetiredMan did it as a teenager and loved it! 28 days ago
Szpidi67 I have own 29 feet sailing boat in the reality, and 9 years experience with some race experiences also. 28 days ago
ZombieSnack I've been sailing all my life but only raced twice- once on a local regatta, and once to Bermuda. Interested in the virtual sailing and I like competition. 29 days ago
Jean-Pierre Reproduire en VR se que j'ai déja fait en réel 30 days ago
Aztena I sail in real life about 1 month ago
ianrobertsonuk Learning to race a Dart 16 after starting out in a Pico. about 1 month ago
LEER007 I love sailing, but my boat is out of the water all winter. Love racing!! about 1 month ago
Sir Yabadaba I enjoy sailing, but a headset costs far less than a boat. about 1 month ago
lrlin5656 I am sailor about 1 month ago
SailorAdam Work and fun about 1 month ago
Ely Whitley I love sailing about 1 month ago
Aleksey O. I love sailing, cruising and songs of the wind :) And now in 2020 when world was hitted by covid pandemic and I have my boat far from me I've found this game for virtually touch the wind and sail :) about 1 month ago
Zetar I like sailing and VR about 1 month ago
Paweł Skiścim Because of Greg :) about 1 month ago
Boompowzap Have a vr set and a day skipper license. Need windex staring experience. about 1 month ago
Ordinary Seaman Hans-332 It seems to be the only VR-Sailing software for a Quest 2. And it should be good to bridge the "dark time" until the "real thing" can hopefully start again... ;-) about 1 month ago
Kleinster Relaxing about 2 months ago
Zach I sail about 2 months ago
Nobu NN For teaching how to race to my kids. about 2 months ago

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