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Captain Jack It is a combination of my two favorite things VR and sailing? 3 months ago
Twen McSwen Could be usefull to know how to sail, I use VR mostly for racing and flight sims mostly 3 months ago
OriginalLordDrow I am interested in sailing in general and hope to one day own a 45 foot sail boat so me and my wife can cruise the gulf and Caribbean. I am interested in VR simply because it is finally reaching it's potential and will just get better as time goes by. 3 months ago
soliver to train and spend time with sailing , espacaly in winter time, when real sailing is limited in Europe 3 months ago
Swardsman I have been sailing since my teens off and on, but am unable to get the time for real life sailing anymore. VR sailing seems a good substitute ans is certainly more affordable than a real boat, and no trouble to set up and put away. 3 months ago
Kz vr 3 months ago
lighthouse25 i want to sail in RL 3 months ago
VRQUEST01 I love VR and Sailing 3 months ago
GamerCoke I got a Valve Index, and they allow high resolution gameplay in VR, and I've always loved the sea, so therefore I'd love to get to see the sea more often, even though I don't have a boat. 3 months ago
UberBen Ahoy! 3 months ago
bobylebobs89 for test , the sailing free look's cool 3 months ago
Zipzap829 I sail in real life on TP-52 Farr 40s and all sorts of big racing boats. 3 months ago
Milo CORSIC4 i love sail and vr and i have a jeanneau beniguet and when i was child i love to sail with laser 420 470 hobby cat and other 3 months ago
georang I want to be on the open water while sitting in my home. 3 months ago
Ordinary Seaman jose j 3 months ago
Ztyk Sailor for about 10 years now, got into it in school and never stopped. 3 months ago
dalostprofit-kidd I got into real sailing at 12 years old and really enjoy it. So to experience it in be is amazing 3 months ago
Jpag13 I am a Retired Naval Petty officer 3 months ago
Jay I sail various boats every weekend and love VR regatta. A new challenge 3 months ago
Ramsey5 We love sailing and I am learning more about VR, especially for education, so this is a perfect combination! I share this account with my son who is on ASU sailing. My husband and sons have done all the sailing, but now I need to learn so hopefully this will help me learn, and my son practice. 3 months ago

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