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I have had an interest in sailing for a long time. It's sort of a bucket list item and this seems like a cool way to start
23 days ago
Skipper Steve
I am intrigued by the "battle" of man against water.
2 months ago
Adrian C
Looking at doing my RYA Skippers course as I want to sail to Tahiti on my own Catamaran.
2 months ago
andy christ
i love sailing - it’s just the best very new to VR though - still working it out
4 months ago
I enjoy sailing, and just acquired a quest 2
4 months ago
Work and fun
4 months ago
Gita Girl
Learning to sail and it’s amazing
6 months ago
We usually only get to sail during summer and then on the weekend so MarineVerse allows us to enjoy sailing anytime we like! It's also a fantastic learning environment and is doing great things for us
6 months ago
Chris Noonan
I Run
6 months ago