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I’ve never been sailing. I just wanted to learn the principles behind it. I’m a 3D CGI artist and IT Tech. Early adopter.
2 days ago
I love sailing.
5 days ago
Learning to sail
27 days ago
Want to learn
about 1 month ago
William Woolston
I sail in real life and saw this as a nice fun thing to take my skills into
about 1 month ago
Always wanted to do it in real life. Especially racing, but job uses up a lot of time.
about 2 months ago
Sailing when the weather is not quite right.
2 months ago
I went sailing irl and it was really good so I was interested in this
3 months ago
I have always enjoyed the water, I own a 40 foot Motor Cruiser, which I can moor inland. I have always wanted to learn to sail and I am sure I will not be allowed 2nd boat. I follow a number of sailin
3 months ago
Looks realistic. I love it.
4 months ago
I love sailing
4 months ago
Eric Mayes
For me, there's nothing that beats the feeling of the balance of forces between the tiller and main sheet - enjoying that connection to the wind, water and nature. While the VR version doesn't comple
5 months ago
I used to sail on holiday and did my yacht master many years ago , Off the bat , without even playing this ,it seems to me that you could use the seat option in the development mode as on the quest 2
5 months ago
Looks like a good app that gives my a general idea about sailing as I've always had a passing interest due to my location
5 months ago
Blue Cat
Fascinated by sailing and to be able to experience it in VR is amazing
6 months ago
I live on the coast, but not been sailing for a few years. I saw Marineverse online. Having gone through the tutorials today I am impressed.
6 months ago