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Phil S
An introduction to sailing before taking classes IRL
3 days ago
I can't afford a real boat.
4 days ago
Been interested in learning to sail for a few years and never took the opportunity to try.
6 days ago
nice to sail in home when winter comes
12 days ago
I have been sailing and crewing for years. VR gives me a chance to steer the boats in races myself.
24 days ago
Love the water and fishing.
27 days ago
John D
Learn to sail
27 days ago
WantiiNG to aquire 40' Yatch MooRed iN The South China Sea... Yet not an Avid Sailer... have a crew yet preferred to be prepared myself...
about 1 month ago
Always wanted to get into sailing but can't afford it also I live in a landlocked state.
about 1 month ago
Ethan #418
Been a while since I sailed, I like VR simulations.
about 1 month ago
I want to learn to sail in real life too someday.
about 1 month ago
Jay Tee
I am a semi-new sailor looking to improve my skills
about 1 month ago
Want to learn the basics of sailing so that way I have an idea for when I apply it in real life.
about 1 month ago
I'd buy a J22 and sail it out of Berkeley, but A) I'm lazy, and B) I don't like the idea of paying property tax on a piece of water I don't actually own. This is much cheaper, and I don't have to go
about 2 months ago
Captain Kat
Afraid of the water
about 2 months ago
I grew up sailing And I saw this app and VR app and wanted to give it a try I wasn't sure if making a profile Was a way that I could try it out for free I would be happy to get any feedback But really
2 months ago
It looks fun
2 months ago
I've been on sail boats several times and loved it. I work in IT.
2 months ago
I love sailing
2 months ago
Randall H
The opportunity to practice any time of the year.
2 months ago