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About to buy a boat and this looks like a great way to practice sailing!
3 days ago
I've been sailing a small dinghy for several decades. Winter in Wisconsin isn't great for sailing except ice boats.
5 days ago
Looking for a way to sail on rainy days
5 days ago
Practicing my skills while not on the water
13 days ago
Have sailed some small boats a few dozen times
16 days ago
Want to learn to sail
17 days ago
I've been having fun and working out in VR recently. I especially like multiplayer activities where I can join my brothers and my son.
19 days ago
Landlocked for now.
19 days ago
Off season sailing
20 days ago
I miss sailing
21 days ago
Keith Frazier
I've been sailing since I was a child. I haven't had the chance to get out a lot lately and virtual sailing I think will give me the chance to keep up my skills.
22 days ago
We love boating
26 days ago
Sailing is my passion. I own two sailboats and am confident in my skills.
27 days ago
Joe Dea
I love to sail and want to improve my skills and race.
28 days ago
Racing in VR!!!!!
about 1 month ago
Dr. Mike
I have a 34ft Catalina in Long beach CA
about 1 month ago
Jeff Kerr
Enjoyed sailing many years ago.
about 1 month ago
Steven Moses
I moved to the pacific Northwest 2 years ago and can't get a sailing boat. So the closest I can get is VR.
about 1 month ago
I love sailing and VR. MarineVerse sounds like a great way to blend the two.
about 2 months ago
Richard Lewis, Jr.
I have no VR setup. I am interested in sailing only, and have sailed on my family's boats all of my life on Lake Michigan. (19' Lightning, 28' Morgan, 35' Ericson)
about 2 months ago