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NameWhy MarineVerse?Joined
DrGNOLALived in Annapolis and on the lakefront here in New Orleans. Always loved sailing. Relatives in Florida and once supervised University of New Orleans sailing club. 8 days ago
MarcM9000I sold my small boat and want to learn how to sail a larger one.9 days ago
ShammrogAlways wanted to try it!10 days ago
Captain ScamperI love sailing although I'm I novice.10 days ago
MikkIt gives me the opportunity to polish my skills in the winter season. 11 days ago
Popeye Competed as a young man in sailing races, mostly smaller types like a Sunfish, Hobie and the mop bucket known as an El Toro🤣 Currently actively looking for a vintage fixer-upper to restore and sail on our Texas lakes... but for now, this keeps me closer to the waters in which my life force flows. 12 days ago
DATI've been boating for 35 years and sailing for 25 years. VR gives me a chance to enjoy being on the water when I cannot be on the water. 12 days ago
bobi am interesting 13 days ago
MarkPDI would like to have some experience in the terminology and technical aspects of sailing but do not have the kind of funds to either get a boat right now or afford classes. 13 days ago
Jimmyh7It’s good13 days ago
Mike DobbsI've been sailing since college, but do not currently have a sailboat in the water. This is a great way to get a little sailing "fix" even when there's snow outside.15 days ago
sw|ft^Cost effective.16 days ago
sailmcsailsaili love sailing but getting a boat set up and on the water is such a pain! love the multi player17 days ago
PoppyOpossum884 My husband is a pro sailor. I bought the app for him and our children. 18 days ago
ChasePractice for the real deal.18 days ago
DiscoBeing a Puerto Rican trapped in the Midwest, I miss the ocean and hear it call to me. Virtual reality gives me a cheaper alternative to be able to sail until I can save up for a boat and ride the wind again.18 days ago
ShaggySailing is just so peaceful and amazing. I had the opportunity to go sailing once as a kid, and I absolutely loved it. As for VR, I’m a huge gamer and love how VR can transport you to a different world. 19 days ago
Falconite Wanted to learn to sail19 days ago
NaeBotherI don’t know. 19 days ago
NaeBotherDon’t know. 19 days ago