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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Jeff Curious to learn more about sailing 12 months ago
Ordinary Seaman No More Limits I like to make sailing... 12 months ago
Petty Officer silent_lesch I love sailing. I like VR. 12 months ago
FedTor Job 12 months ago
No More limits I want to sail in multi players 12 months ago
JennD I live aboard my 40' center cockpit sailboat and my passion is both sailing and anything to do with design and tech. 12 months ago
Jestified Moving to SF and looking to get into sailing in the future! 12 months ago
Able Seaman Karl This is great fun and an impressive VR game. about 1 year ago
Hiroshi reality about 1 year ago
wyattwb Planning a circumnavigation and I am interested to see what VR has to offer to help get ready! about 1 year ago
Dyslexic Salior Both of them are new exciting experiences for me about 1 year ago
Seafit I was always curious about sailing about 1 year ago
bobthetall Life long interest about boats and sailing. Also been into VR since the Nintendo Virtualboy teased us with what was to come. about 1 year ago
grace i want to sail with other members about 1 year ago
Nitbuntu Childhood memory of an enjoyable sailing school lesson. Have never sailed since, but have always wanted to. about 1 year ago
NefariousFox I've sailed in real life (small boats Lazer etc...) And VR seems to be a great way to get my feet wet in a region with no water... about 1 year ago
Petty Officer Andrea_Lioce I am a real sailor too about 1 year ago
Catapaicu I always thought I would like to cruise the Mediterranean or Oceans on a yacht with my family. Until I do that in the real world.. at a significant expense, I'd like to give it a try in Virtual Reality. :) about 1 year ago
DoogieW Loved sailing, and the VR makes it feel realistic. about 1 year ago
Gasebah Want to understand mechanics and logic of sailing. about 1 year ago

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