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Steam Alpha:
August 2019

Beta - TBA


SteamVR, Oculus Quest and Rift ( private alpha ),



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Steam SideQuest


$19.99 USD
+ "Sailing Pass" for extra features.


MarineVerse Cup is an authentic and approachable competitive VR sailing game that brings multiplayer sailboat racing to every VR headset owner.

3 boats, 7 locations, tutorials and various game-modes make it the best VR sailing game.

Daily and weekly races, with varying wind conditions and courses will test the players sailing and racing skills. Players will battle their way up the racing leaderboards and make friends along the way as they compete for the monthly MarineVerse Cup.

Trimming the sheets, handling the helm, and using their muscles on the winches, players will feel the pressure as they will have to make split second decisions against other racers.


MarineVerse Cup development started in February 2019. The team behind MarineVerse Cup is a small group of passionate sailors and technologists, who shipped award winning VR Regatta.

MarineVerse Cup is the product of years of research, development, design, and testing and has been created for both gamers who enjoy advanced simulations and sailors who want to sharpen their racing skills.

MarineVerse aims to democratize access to sailing and the Cup was designed for the latest generation of standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest, making it easy for a casual sailor to get into virtual reality sailing.

The first playable build of MarineVerse Cup was made available to a limited number of players in June 2019 and now, after various fixes and improvements the game enters a period of Early Access “open alpha” on Steam. The goal of “open alpha” is to create a great foundation for multiplayer yacht racing in collaboration with the community.

The game launched on SideQuest in late 2019, and PC (non VR) mode was added to the game in March 2020. In 2020, MarineVerse team added 2 new boats to the game - a Dinghy and Waszp.


  • Interactive sailboats - controls designed for immersive gameplay in virtual reality
  • 3 unique boats - Yacht, Dinghy and Waszp.
  • 7 locations: Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Rio the Janeiro, Enoshima and Cape Town.
  • Daily practice races - varying wind conditions and courses. Daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.
  • Racing profile - represent your country and track your stats
  • Handicap system - the games becomes harder the more you play, keeping it challenging for new and veteran races.
  • “Ghost mode” - an ability to replay the previous race in practice mode - learn by observing how other sailors win the races and try to beat them.
  • Multiplayer racing in real-time
  • Community - a thriving community discussing races, tactics and in general having good time - join our Discord and mailing list.

Planned Features

  • Advanced boat mechanics like sail reefing and automatic sailing rules application
  • More boat types, including catamaran
  • New locations to compete in
  • and more..


Gameplay:  YouTube

Gameplay:  YouTube

Gameplay:  YouTube



"Our goal with MarineVerse Cup is to develop a fun sailing game that is authentic and approachable."
    Greg Dziemidowicz, co-founder of MarineVerse

"We're taking everything we've learnt with VR Regatta we're and delivering a product that will be a foundation of eSports sailing for years to come."
    Greg Dziemidowicz, co-founder of MarineVerse

"WASZP is a perfect boat to showcase virtual reality and introduce gamers to sailing - WASZP is fast, fun & exciting. Not only do you get to sail, but you can fly in VR!"
    Greg Dziemidowicz, co-founder of MarineVerse

"MarineVerse Cup is a fantastic learning tool on sailing and tactical strategy."
    sanman66, MarineVerse Cup sailor

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MarineVerse is an international team of creatives and advocates for sailing and emergent technology, with a mission to inspire, train, and connect sailors and to share the unique feeling of sailing with a global audience.

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