MarineVerse Cup

Dinghy Monthly Race Series: November 2020

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Top 10:

# name score
🏆 Markolus 97.84
2. Princess Fuzzy 91.81
3. BoatBrain 75.81
4. DTB Rastan 71.65
5. Romeo 59.43
6. LindaDiva 51.83
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Sailors with some, but not enough races to enter the series:
1 race to qualify: redfive410

9 races to qualify: Taches kurikin100 Crane

10 races to qualify: Gazzer Paweł Skiścim

11 races to qualify: glp iwasrobbed Greg Pirate Marc Dave B Hans-332 RancPants

12 races to qualify: CAPTIANMAJORPAYNE Riftkev Ahab Dag20 ianrobertsonuk Drago Ileeze

13 races to qualify: Bobby Cherubin117 VR Sailor Aaron Sawyer Gita Girl VinceHum TommyMac Dan2010 Malowww bustaheads Weta968 Geirhan Axeekl Otreblazer Jean-Pierre ZombieSnack

About the series

27 races to date..

42 competing sailors..

Start: 2020-11-01T06:00:00.000Z

End: 2020-11-30T06:00:00.000Z

by MarineVerse