MarineVerse Cup

Rules & Code of Conduct
Last update: 17/08/2020

  1. MarineVerse Cup goal is to enable approachable & authentic on-line sailboat racing experience.
  2. MarineVerse Cup is run by a small, dedicated team. Please follow the rules, and when the rule doesn’t exist, please use common sense. Always remember, our goal as a community is to create approachable & authentic racing experience - use this as a guiding principle.
  3. MarineVerse Cup members are required to read, understand & apply rules set out in here.
  4. You must be 13 or older to use MarineVerse services. If you are under 18, you must obtain your legal guardian permission to play.
  5. MarineVerse reserves the right to revise and update from time to time these rules, as needed.
  6. All members of the MarineVerse community should conduct themselves the same way they would do in the real world. Treat each other with courtesy & respect you would expect to receive yourself.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to use their real first name in the game. In the future we may require the use of real first & last names, to encourage personal responsibility for on-line conduct.
  8. You may not falsely identify yourself as another individual or group.
  9. No hate speech, harassment, sexual content or discrimination, including in user names, & profile pictures.
  10. While emotions will be high in a competitive setting of sailboat racing, rude behaviour is not welcomed & not acceptable ( this includes voice-chat and chat ).
    • Avoid swearing.
    • No calling names, no mocking, no insults, no threats.
  11. MarineVerse's goal is to democratise sailing and encourage everyone to try the real sport. With that in mind, be helpful and welcoming to new members of our community.
  12. In case of a repeat “bad/rude behaviour”, MarineVerse reserves the right to remove the offending member from the community. ( Ban )
  13. While sailing in multiplayer - avoid collisions and obey the “rules of the road” in sailing.
  14. No cheating. You may not modify any part of the MarineVerse Cup client or inappropriately use it’s website or API. This also extends to any unauthorized 3rd party tools that interact with the client. Creating cheats, cracks, bots & exploiting bugs in the client is prohibited.
  15. By using MarineVerse Cup you accept MarineVerse Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  16. You can report abuse and raise protests at