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Why MarineVerse?

I'm too old to sail for real now. . Sailed and raced Wayfarer, Laser and Solo mainly on inland water. Also enjoyed wind surfing. Sailing in VR is immersive and fun and brings back good memories. Really like not having to pack the boat up at the end of the day!

Sailing experience:

I have not sailed for twenty years. Before that I spent about 10 winters trying to race dinghies not very successsfully at a winter sailing club in Kent England

MarineVerse Cup stats

#10 in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

#25 in Europe

#88 in the World.

Sailing inWaszp Zone 6 & Dinghy Zone 6 & Yacht Pro & Opti Pro & Dinghy Pro & Waszp Pro & Dinghy GB & Catamaran Pro & Yacht Zone 6 & Yacht GB leagues.