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Ron Kramer

Why MarineVerse?

I use to sail F18 and A-class (foiling/flying) and floating catamarans. Really interested in sailing since my teens and I'm now 62. I have had a VIVE since day one but I don't use it often due to weight, cord and it is located in my basement where I don't want to go. I just got a Quest and really like the lack of a cord and the way I can play it anywhere. Even sitting outside on the porch.

Sailing experience:

Sailed the great lakes as I live in Michigan, America's F18 championships in FL. Lots of H16 time on the lake I live on and misc. smaller boats and the waters of Cozumel on a H16.

Sailing inYacht Pro & Dinghy Intro & Dinghy Pro & Yacht US & Dinghy US leagues.