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Why MarineVerse?

I love sailing and had done on line courses with NauticEd - and was interested in VR sailing curriculum.

Sailing experience:

I sailed as a kid, helped build a Bruce Roberts 38’ sloop, and recently been sailing for about 2 1/2 years. I have taken basic sailing and keel boat courses. Owned 21' Precision day cruiser. Now sailing MiniCat 420 on Tokyo bay and just picked up a gaff-rigged Pocketship micro-cruiser named SunRay that is in Chicago.

MarineVerse Cup stats

#1 in Carlsbad

#2 in California

#4 in United States of America.

#5 in Americas

#8 in the World.

Sailing inYacht US California & Yacht Zone 8 & Yacht Zone 3 & Yacht US & Waszp Pro & Waszp Zone 8 & Dinghy Pro & Dinghy US & Dinghy Zone 8 & Yacht Pro & Opti Pro & Dinghy JP & Catamaran Pro & Yacht JP & Waszp Zone 3 & Dinghy Zone 3 leagues.