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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.


Why MarineVerse?

We usually only get to sail during summer and then on the weekend so MarineVerse allows us to enjoy sailing anytime we like! It's also a fantastic learning environment and is doing great things for us

Sailing experience:

Sailed from around 8yo in Sabot/Cadet but mostly in a 20' trailer sailor from 11 up to my 30's. I had an 18 year break from sailing but returned to it about 6 years ago and now race a Weta off-the-beach trimaran sailing 2-up with my wife

MarineVerse Cup stats

#6 in Victoria

#35 in Australia.

#44 in Oceania

#1063 in the World.

Sailing inDinghy Zone 8 & Yacht AU Victoria & Dinghy AU & Yacht Zone 8 & Waszp Pro & Waszp Zone 8 & Dinghy Pro & Yacht Pro & Yacht AU & Dinghy Intro & Yacht Intro leagues.