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Captain John C Diel Sonset Sailing School PHYC

Why MarineVerse?

I’m a professional sailor sailing instructor own sailing schools and I have over 100,000 miles of ocean sailing 28 crossings and a lot more other sailing. I just figured another way of learning to get my skills better and be able to teach better. For discounts on ASA Certified sailing classes call 810 441 9289

Sailing experience:

I’m a professional sailor it is I do many deliveries of sailboats I own a Sail school and teach ASA certified classes I have over 100,000 miles under Sail 28 trips Atlantic mostly north to south or south to north been an all types of weather, Salty Dawg with over 10 rallies under my belt of the Carib 1500

MarineVerse Cup stats

#1 in Port Sanilac

#3 in Michigan

#20 in United States of America.

#25 in Americas

#48 in the World.

Sailing inYacht US Michigan & Dinghy Pro & Waszp Pro & Opti Pro & Catamaran Pro & Yacht Pro & Dinghy US & Yacht Zone 3 & Dinghy Zone 3 & Waszp Zone 3 & Yacht US leagues.