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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
AlexPimienta I will be attending real world blue water sailing school 8 months ago
Leopard Loved watching Americas Cup and became interested 8 months ago
james I'm a VR developer, I make non-games for real estate and architecture visualisations. I sail once a year with friends for the holidays. 8 months ago
Wildcard235 I have been studying sailing via and a friend recommended VR sailing. 8 months ago
Skipper Kelly I've only sailed a small 2 person boat once. I enjoyed it, but never had the opportunity to sail again. 9 months ago
demoderyck active keelboat crew anticipating buying my own boat. i would like to gain experience before i set sail 9 months ago
dirtperson Freedom from roads and pathways 10 months ago
Petty Officer Greyheart I am really interested in owning, sailing and eventually diving from my own boat. It's pretty expensive though so until I can afford it I am using virtual reality to live the dream and gain some experience at the same time. 10 months ago
Sandbanks I have always been interested in sailing having participated for many years in my youth. 10 months ago
Hazumi I grew up sailing, but haven't in years. I miss it. 10 months ago
Able Seaman Sage I love sailing and gaming, why not combine both. 11 months ago
Petty Officer Dave132 I grew up sailing and am very interested it what is possible in VR . From what I've seen so far its going to be amazing. 11 months ago
Matty Gamer Saving up to buy a sailing boat in real life. Thought is would be a fun experience to reach out and sail with more like minded people about 1 year ago
andoofthewoods I love how immersive VR is, it's the way of the future for sure! I've always wanted to go sailing, however, it seems like a big committment. Marine Verse was a great way to try it out :) about 1 year ago
Mmmmpie I've never sailed before, but have my competent crew training booked in. I'm hoping to get a little experience virtually before hand. about 1 year ago
YepJep I live in Colorado where sailing opportunity is limited. about 1 year ago
allgonnabeok My husband about 1 year ago
denniska curious about 1 year ago
Mike W Just learning to sail, I need the practice. about 1 year ago
Jason I'm a racer in MA. I like the immersion of VR. Winter and storm can be virtual sailing days about 1 year ago

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