MarineVerse Cup

Fun Race - Multiplayer

Fun Race - Weekly Intro.

Introduction to MarineVerse Cup multiplayer.


Every Sunday 6PM Central Time US 12AM UTC .

It is Sunday 4PM Pacific Time, 7PM Easter Time. In Australia, it is Monday, 11AM AETD.

How to join:

Log in to MarineVerse Cup. In the Main Menu, select "Multiplayer - Enter Lobby".Enter Lobby

Who is it for?

We welcome players with no sailing or racing experience. Fun Race is an opportunity to learn from others, ask questions and discover the full potential of virtual reality sailing.

Experienced players are invited to join - not only can you have fun racing, but you also have an opportunity to help others discover sailing. Volunteer your time and help the community grow.

Do you have a question?

Join our Discord chat server - you can ask questions there.

We also share last minute announcements and discuss the event afterwards, so you should join the Discord if you are interested in multiplayer racing.

Agenda / How it works

We meet in the Public Multiplayer Lobby.

The group decides on the race format - we often do races in Dinghy and Yacht.

Each race takes between 3 to 10 minutes. After the race, we meet in the lobby to discuss it.

The event usually takes ~60 minutes, but you are free to leave sooner or stay longer.

If you are late, you can join later and wait in the lobby for the current race to finish. You will be able to join the next race. It's a good idea to announce on Discord that you are late, but will be joining later.

Code of Conduct

Be nice, friendly and helpful. We are here to learn - make sure to ask questions.

Read and follow our Rules

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