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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
MC PACMAN virtual sailing, i hope the implementation of cruise sailships about 23 hours ago
Dracula Aime beaucoup le virtuel 2 days ago
EB2DEX De pequeño hice cursos de vela en el Club Naútico de Segur de Calafell gracias a la afición de mi padre, que me llevaba en su vieja Arcoa... Ha sido todo un descubrimiento el poder navegar en VR con mis recién estrenadas Oculus Quest 2. Me ha despertado esa afición que tenía dormida desde hace más de 30 años y que veo que no se olvida. Espero navegar desde la terraza cuando sople nuestro Cierzo de Zaragoza!!! 3 days ago
Martin_Manc_UK I can see so much potential for VR in sailing. Having spent many hours on board vessels and remembering how long it took to learn just the basic terms used and what each piece of apparatus did this has the benefit of allowing those new to sailing to develop some basic knowledge and hopefully gain the confidence to try sailing for real. I particularly welcomed MarineVerses' vision to be an inclusive community that creates a friendly environment for all sailing enthusiasts regardless of previous experience. Thank you for creating this and I hope to support you in achieving your ambitions. 3 days ago
Liam My friend Les loves sailing but we live in Montana, not much sailing here. I have this VR headset so I thought this would help him feel a little like he was on the water. 4 days ago
TexasRed Always loved sailing as a kid but these days water's just too far away most of the time. Sailing in VR might not be perfect but its cheap and accessible for me, since I already had vr for other games, when I can't spare the time to make it out and do the real thing. 5 days ago
simcg I sail on the water and am excited about the ability to sail virtually when i cant 6 days ago
mddevice888 Practice and social connections 6 days ago
Blujus I am an avid dinghy sailor and yachtsman - unfortunately the pandemic has dampened my sailing opportunities - so VR is the next best thing . I am also a technologist and run or support many startups 6 days ago
PlazmanG Haven't sailed for at least 5 years 7 days ago
CaptKAOS With having such a short sailing season in the NE-USA, this is great 8 days ago
zerocat01 Live near coast 9 days ago
bill saw the game it looks fun 9 days ago
jamesloyns because it great fun 9 days ago
Deborah Would love to sail for real but this is the only way that is ever going to happen :-) 10 days ago
Forwardm90 Being competitive, and sailing when not allowed out side 10 days ago
Bzhjim racing, run against time, challenges. have realistic feelings 11 days ago
VR GatorKing Childhood memories. 12 days ago
Martext Want to practice sailing over the winter. Have done it with computer based simulators, but VR is an entirely different, and amazing, experience! 14 days ago
Captainbenben Great game 14 days ago

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