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A global community of sailors using virtual reality to learn, compete and relax.

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Name Why MarineVerse? Joined
Petty Officer Jayce Pretty great, i am new to sailing world, I am from ultralight light flight and general aviation, I wanted to discover sail, through VR it already amazing, so now I want learn real sail. 5 months ago
Thiago I want to learn sailing. 5 months ago
Savagesail38 I have a sail boat 5 months ago
Cdbeckwith Seems like a great evolution in yacht racing gaming 5 months ago
Dustin I love sailing! 5 months ago
Grunter67 I sail rc yachts and enjoy sim racing online, vr inshore and offshore. 5 months ago
Bravo181 Sailor of a '98 MacGregor 26X and a '79 Moody 36. 5 months ago
Mats nothingelse to do 5 months ago
Logan602041 British weather! 5 months ago
The Pirate King I love sailing but don’t get to practice very often, I recently got a Quest and it’s the perfect way to get my fix of sailing and racing 5 months ago
Cian28 I am a sailor myself, and love the experience of sailing monohulls 5 months ago
Conradtheapple Because I like sailing but due to the virus I can't do that 5 months ago
theorganguy Can't afford a boat. Can't swim. Get motionsick in VR anyways, so works out perfect! 6 months ago
Gryffyn Never sailed before 6 months ago
Simon I like sailing and I like vr 6 months ago
Laffinman Used to have a sailboat like sailing virtual weather is much easier to deal with 6 months ago
DerrekSm Got new PC want to try VR games and sailing seems pretty epic dude 6 months ago
BHG love sailing...would like to be able to simulate at home 6 months ago
Woosta I'm interested to see how a very physical, dynamic sport can be replicated in virtual reality. 6 months ago
Your pilot Simulator, interress how it work 6 months ago

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